Peter V. Hilton Bio

June 6th, 2008 by Sharon Larsen

At the tender age of twenty-one, Peter still recalls the exact childhood experiences that led him to being a contributing writer-editor at Preschool theater classes matured into element started down the entrepreneurial path when Peter entered sixth grade, and almost the entire next decade colored Peter’s imagination and creative pursuits with bootstrapping possibilities. His childhood dream is now beginning to realize itself.

After a year at De Anza Community College in California, Peter transferred to Brigham Young University (Provo, UT), where began studying English and Music. After spending two years in Sydney, Australia, Peter has resumed his education at BYU. His goal is to use creativity to make great ideasa??a??his and others’a??a??more accessible to the world at large. Future plans therefore include law school, performing, both creative and technical writing, publishing, editing, a possible business degree, and general economic and philanthropic usefulness to humanity. Included in his current publishing credits is a blow-by blow account of his budding career, updated as success comes his way.

Peter repeatedly affirms that 99% of success is luck, and that 99% of luck can be self-manufactured. That hard work now has him collaborating with Rich and Ron on several web-based projects as well as their upcoming book, Get A Life. Peter’s leisure pursuits include musical and theatrical performance and service, outdoors and sporting activities, reading, and life in general.

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