It Aina??t Hogwarts a?? but there is Wizardry here!

October 9th, 2009 by Ron E. Porter

It aina??t Hogwarts and ita??s not in Scotland.

Ita??s to be found in a new way of thinking, in your intuition, out in the undulating hill country of Texas.A? This forward thinking haven is known as The Wizard AcademyA?.

By its own description Wizard Academy a??Is a nontraditional business school. The faculty of Wizard Academy studies what gifted people do when they’re feeling inspired so we can reverse engineer their unconscious methods. We teach you how to do consciously what a gifted person does unconsciously.a??A? Sound a bit like wizardry?

Magical things happen there.

The Wizard Academya??s approach is non-traditional and their track record impressive.A? They are changing the way people see, feel, think, and approach business, education and problem solving.

Thata??s one of the reasons Rich and Ron were invited to teach there.A? Bootstrap Business Bootcamps offer nontraditional, proven principles about how to bootstrap a successful business.A? Techniques and concepts like The ZigZag Principle, The 5 Minute Whiteboard, Cow Pies, Climb High Sleep Low to mention a few. Principles that when applied really are magical in their impact on your business and your life!

The experience at the Wizard Academy was invigorating for Rich and Ron.A? But ita??s not about them.A? Ita??s about you and other Muggles seeking a new way, a magical way, a nontraditional path to success.A? So, leta??s hear from some former Muggles. Hey, once youa??ve experienced this place you believe in its magic a?? and yours!

Backpack Moments From our Zig-Zaggers :

We call that moment one of our bootcamp participants a??connectsa?? with a principle, a a??Backpack Moment.a?? – the light goes on, the Ah-ha momenta?? So, dona??t attack your summit without your backpack!


a??Zig-Zag Principle: Important to know that ita??s ok to do a??other thingsa?? in order to get cash flow & that nevertheless there should be rules/boundaries to ensure you dona??t take the a??other thingsa?? into the weeds.

Parallel Entrepreneurship a?? develop it!

Frank open confessions from Rich & Ron = same attitude from the students

Hiring and Firing tips were great!

The role of an executive assistance a?? loved it, real good insight!a??

astrazeneca nolvadex rx. Ken:

a??Whiteboard moment was a total a??Oh Snap!a??A? It serves to pull the team together and helps ID any trouble spots and log jams.

One thing I think would improve the bootcamp is to have a team building exercise prior to the Million Dollar idea sharing exercise.A? Give a chance to get to know each other before we start sharing our million dollar ideas.a??


a??I thoroughly enjoyed the brainstorming of ideas with you and the rest of the class.A? The atmosphere of trust and respect that you created made me comfortable to be open and share ideas.A? The Wizard Academy is the perfect safe and creative environment to bring new ideas to life.

Thanks very much for your passion, openness, and commitment to teaching valuable business principles.a??


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