Zig Zagging in Italy

August 17th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

I wanted to share a brief video from my latest trip. Me, my business partner, and our wives were enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the Mediterranean where we met a fascinating entrepreneur who, I believe, is the very epitome of a bootstrapper.

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We met Petro who is the owner of Can’t Be Missed Tours on the train heading down to Florence. He and his team were handing out brochures to the passengers, inviting them to become his touring clients. This channel development strategy fascinated me and I had to learn more. In the video Petro and I talk about where he got his start, his business philosophy, and what the next steps are for his business.


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Petro’s information for Can’t Be Missed Tours:

Petro’s Cell Phone: +39-329-129-8182

My 1st Mentor – Alan Hall

December 13th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen


I’m so excited to be here today with my first mentor Alan Hall from back in the Netline days. You’ve heard me talk about Alan. Alan is an amazing individual. I’m so grateful to have him in my life. He is indeed an amazing individual and an example of what I hope to be in twenty years.


Alan you are now giving away everything you make! You’re promoting entrepreneurship and helping people’s lives. Will you talk a little bit about your work?


Alan: Well, it’s important for everybody to understand this is about stewardship—we’re stewards of resources. Somehow we accumulate wealth, but then wealth is really for us to give it away. To give to those who are of need. We all get enough to take care of our basic needs and then the rest outta be given away. That’s what we’re all about.


Rich: One of the philosophies that Alan has, is that the best way to take control of your life, and I agree, is to create a business. Not only does it impact yourself, but it impacts many people around you too.


Alan: Oh yeah. We’re looking for people all over the United States who are ready to start a business, and we’re here to support them! Obviously with Rich’s great knowledge, together we have teamed up to help make people successful. So go start a business! America needs you now.


Rich: That’s wonderful advice from a wonderful man. Look for more to come! I’m going to start highlighting Alan in future posts and tweets. Watch for Alan’s example. He’s done it the proper way. There are a lot of individuals that live and “it’s all about me”. But, Alan is the example to me; what I want to become like. Go forward and do good in this world. Please look forward for more to come from Alan.



Meet Nathan Gwilliam – An Amazing Zig Zagger!

September 6th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

We’d like to introduce you to one of our brave souls that will be joining Team Zig Zag down in St. George, Utah for the Triathalon. Nathan Gwilliam has taken on this challenge to join our team to swim, bike and run–all in the name of The Zig Zag Principle. Since his youth, Nathan has been a goal setter. In high school he read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, and it changed his life. Since then he’s set goals that have molded him into the successful entrepreneur he is today. He likes to say, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there.” This attitude makes Nathan the perfect addition to the Zig Zag Principle Tri Team.

You’d think the finish line would be his favorite part of the triathalon, but it’s not. Nathan loves the training leading up to the big day. He really enjoys training as a team–especially when it’s a team of good friends. Also, Nathan said he enjoyed improving his time and working toward better health. But, if he had to pick a particular part of the race that’s his favorite, he says that he’s most comfortable with the running.

Nathan has quite an impressive resume on and off of the field. Currently he is the owner of Social Nexus, an organization that grows world-class Internet, mobile, and social ventures. Meaning he can help you with:
Digital Strategy
Design & Development
Social Marketing
Digital Monetization

He has zig zagged all over the place from founding Adoption.com and building it into the world’s most-used adoption service to developing the initial strategy and site for sialis de 5mg, sialis de 5mg, sialis de 5mg, sialis de 5mg, sialis de 5mg, sialis de 5mg, sialis de 5mg, sialis de 5mg. Law.com. He has built a variety of other ventures, such as Families.com, Ofertas.com.br (a Groupon competitor in Brazil), Viajamos.com.br cialis user reviews. (a Brazilian travel social network) and WeSpeak.com (a language-learning social network).

With such a varied and impressive background, Nathan has great advice for the apsiring entrepreneurs.

From an early business failure, Nathan learned that entrepreneurs can become very distracted on things that don’t matter. The best advice that he would give a new entrepreneur would be to focus on getting your product to market as quickly, inexpensively and effectively as you can. The power of stability comes from profitability.

Nathan said it’s important to understand a few business myths:

  • He believes in the rule of 3’s….It always costs 3 times more than what you think to get your business going and you end up with ? of the profit. Therefore Nathan strongly believes that bootstrapping a business is where it’s at. Do anything possible NOT to borrow investment money.
  • Another one is the myth about entrepreneurs ~ that they are risk takers. The reality of it is that they don’t take “more” risks, they just take “calculated” risks.
  • And lastly, that being an entrepreneur is unstable. The truth is, if you own your own business, you will be the last one to get fired! You have more stability working for yourself than working for a large company.

In conclusion, Nathan says “Life is so short, pick something you love and something that makes a difference. Not just something that makes you a buck, but something that makes a difference. You’ll have left the world a better place when you retire.”

Best of luck Nathan to you with your Zig Zagging during the race and with all your business adventures!

Flip Flopping Politicians Are Simply Zig Zagging

August 5th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

Dave McInnis (successful entrepreneur, business man, and friend of mine) and I were just having a conversation about how in politics we’re all so critical buy neurontin 800mg no prescription. of politicians who flip flop on their decisions, opinions and strategies.

Dave just made the comment that this disdain for flip floppers drives him crazy, because exactly what we need in the political process is to flip flop back and forth.

“We hire people to govern and not to dictate; so governance means that you have to change your position to match the will of the people who elected you.” Said Dave.

I concur and I want to follow that statement with this example. Picture the healthcare bill. Is there a solution that we can immediately charge directly toward? Is there one straightforward, immediate solution for solving our healthcare problem? We all know that our problem is crazy, intense and involved. People would die. The country would go bankrupt if we quickly and absent-mindedly charged toward something.

The solution is going to require Democrats and Republicans; and a lot of flip flopping, zig zagging, and compromising along the way, in order to resolve the problem.

Flip flopping or antibiotics fast without prescription, antibiotics fast without prescription, antibiotics fast without prescription, antibiotics fast without prescription, antibiotics fast without prescription, antibiotics fast without prescription, antibiotics fast without prescription, antibiotics fast without prescription. zig zagging is the only way we are going to solve our problem. It’s the only way we are going to solve most problems. Dave is right, “We need governance, not dictatorship.”

Success is a Bowl of Cherries

July 7th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen


xenical 120 mg. Here’s a mini success story. Check out these two young entrepreneurs who assessed their resources and started a business. Watch them ride the wave in this short video. The Zig Zag Principle really is for anyone who wants to start a business, expand an organization, or just better themselves through goal setting.

I’d love to hear your success stories, both small and grand. Please leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or right here on the blog. Happy Zig Zagging.


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