Doing What It Takes. The Sweet Smell of Profit

December 28th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

Today is the 26th of December and it’s been snowing aggressively all day. Cars are slipping and sliding everywhere. To be honest I was very concerned not only for the weather, but because I knew our 4th quarter was somewhat in jeopardy. We had a tremendous volume of orders, but with all the bad weather many trucks had been delayed.

As I arrived at the office I saw Jared Maruji (who was hired one year ago as an intern) on a forklift and I gasped as I saw the forklift slipping and sliding around the parking lot, losing traction. You see, one week ago Jared had never driven a forklift. Curtis Blair, our general manager looked at him and said, “I haven’t either. Figure it out.” Jared said, “Will do.” That’s indeed the attitude I’ve seen the entire day. We’ve not just filled up our warehouse. We’ve not just filled up our neighbor’s warehouse. We’ve also filled up the largest shipping group’s warehouse down the road in an attempt to get all our orders out and fulfill a tremendous 4th quarter.

I can’t stand talk, but what I love is action and results and today I’m proudly declaring that Froghair has lived the results of establishing a powerful, value culture. It was an impossible situation. Everything that could go wrong went wrong from constant snow, to three trucks backed up, to not many people available in the office, yet everyone who was available jumped in to help. They showed incredible competence. I didn’t need to give any ra-ra speeches either. Cooperation ensued. Everyone went and just instantly hit the problem area, sensing what was going on, and solved problems all on their own. Incredible independence as well as accountability was shown as everyone jumped in to help. Everyone else wanted to be skiing instead, but they didn’t leave. They stuck it out until everything was taken care of and solved.

Those key elements are just a few of the values that Froghair employs. And I have to tell you, what is the result? I’m very proud at the very end of the year to announce that does pregnenolone cause weight gain. Froghair has endured, sustained, and expanded which is the key purpose of having values. ??

If you’ll recall the first year of this little company we grew from $5,000 to just over $3 million in sales. This year we’ll come close to hitting $5 million in sales and my expectation for next year is that the team will indeed double that. Doing what it takes and being willing to make sacrifices is 9/10ths of succeeding in business. And by the generic keftab for sale, generic keftab for sale, generic keftab for sale, generic keftab for sale, generic keftab for sale, generic keftab for sale, generic keftab for sale, generic keftab for sale. way, working hard on the 26th of December, the day after you’ve drunk a little too much eggnog and eaten a little too much Christmas candy results in the sweet smell of profit. I tip my hat to this Froghair team. I commend them for what they’ve done and I challenge each of you to set your values the first of the year and be willing to do what it takes to succeed. Quit grumbling about it. Get out and make it happen. You can do it.

Premature Diversification

December 12th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

Rich Christiansen The past several weeks I’ve been preparing for a trip where we will represent several up-and-coming, exciting brands for one of my companies. Through the course of these activities I’ve been exposed to several very creative and very innovative ideas and concepts.

There’s one company in particular that has received an extreme amount of attention. They were featured on the television show Shark Tank and were indeed one of the winners. They won again at a statewide entrepreneurial conference and have received an excessive amount of media and exposure. As I met with these young entrepreneurs I was exhilarated but also dismayed in our very short meeting. Their high-energy level, exuberance of entrepreneurship, and the zeal for which they were attacking opportunity was exhilarating. However I was dismayed as I saw what they were doing. Indeed they had come up with a very novel creative market concept that had been broadly embraced and was getting them a lot of attention. What did they do with it? Rather than dig deeply, rather than fully explore all the channels, rather than totally take advantage and captivate this corner of the market they’ve instantly started to branch out and add all sorts of diverse products. For instance they were scheduled to fly down to meet with a celebrity’s daughter the following day to start a new line of handbags. They’re developing cell phone technologies, literally exploiting the small channel that they’d developed on ancillary things that haven’t yet proven success.

Indeed my one of the entrepreneurs that I really respect is David Norton who will often make the statement that the reason for failure in small businesses is premature diversification. I personally think that the number one reason is cash flow, but I agree with generic orlistat india. David that the second reason is premature diversification. If I were to wind the clock forward several years I would suspect that these young entrepreneurs would learn this lesson (hopefully not too much the hard way).

In the early stages of our business we need to find something that works and do more of it efficiently and effectively and fully develop the channels and make sure you have adequate conversion before you diversify. It’s not to say that diversification is not pacific care at vanuatu, pacific care at vanuatu, pacific care at vanuatu, pacific care at vanuatu, pacific care at vanuatu, pacific care at vanuatu, pacific care at vanuatu, pacific care at vanuatu. appropriate, it’s just doing it at the right time.

Go forward, prosper, and win in your business.

Combo Meal Post

October 23rd, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

Today’s post is a combo meal. You get two for the price of one largely because I couldn’t decide which one to blog on so here goes both.

My first concept is all about working hard and playing hard. I believe that working hard and then playing hard is far more efficient and productive than just working hard all the time. Each year I schedule a hard working day with my sons, particularly my younger sons. I do this to give them the experience of working on a hard project, jumping in, and just tackling something really difficult. I then make sure to always follow that up with a fun play experience.

The past several days I had my wife assemble a list of every nasty, disgusting, difficult assignment that she could come up buy prednisone overnight delivery, buy prednisone overnight delivery, buy prednisone overnight delivery, buy prednisone overnight delivery, buy prednisone overnight delivery, buy prednisone overnight delivery, buy prednisone overnight delivery, buy prednisone overnight delivery. that needed to be done for our rental properties. I took my two youngest sons, Timmy and Alex, which I affectionately refer to as my “Little Men” and we embarked on chasing down all these projects. Indeed we worked our guts out but actually had a really good time doing it. There’s a great personal reward in seeing a project through to completion.

After we finished our projects we went swimming in a natural spring pool, had a great dinner, and went crawdad catching. Now for those of you who have never tried catching these little critters there are a couple of things you need to know.

You can’t catch these things with your bare hands or even a net. You’ve got to toss a stinky, rotten piece of meat (I prefer bacon) on a string out in the warm water, count to ten, and then pull it in. This year was particularly good. Every pull we were catching anywhere from seven to fifteen of these little crayfish. My sons were absolutely delighted as they pulled in each catch with these little guys hanging on with one pincer and snapping with they other buy propecia australia. saying, “You give me back my bacon!”

This leads to my second concept: There are important things you have to let go of in your life in order to succeed.??There are a lot of life lessons associated with this. I’ve found myself acting like these little crayfish at times by hanging on too tightly to business ventures and projects. Things that would normally scare me and make me swim upstream to safety will actually grab my attention with a piece of stinky bacon. I hang onto that piece of meat, snapping away until something bigger squashes and kills me.

It is important that you give up bad personal and business habits and recognize when you’re hanging onto a piece of moldy bacon. We have a little business right now with one of my groups where we’ve been snapping away at it for nine months. We’re just not getting any traction. As a matter of fact we’re ignoring some other, more meaningful opportunities and I’m right on the verge of labeling it a bad piece of bacon and giving counsel to let it go. Now there’s a fine balance of being doggedly determined and then there’s pouring all your focus into a rotting piece of bacon. Do NOT be as those crawdads and hanging hang on until your very death when all you have to do is let go and live to swim another day. ??In closing here are the two key important business lessons of today:

Lesson #1: Work Hard. Play Hard. It’s far more productive than just working into oblivion.
Lesson #2: Let go of the caustic things in your life that are actually causing destruction, both in your business and personal life.

Free Teleseminar: Rich Dialoging with Rick Sapio on Value Gatekeeping and Saying No.

October 12th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

I’m really excited to announce that on Tuesday October 16 at noon (Mountain Standard Time) I will be interviewing and dialoging with Rick Sapio about Value Gatekeeping. In both books I’ve written I’ve discussed the importance of saying no. In Bootstrap Business I say that the number two reason for failure in small businesses is premature diversification. In other words: doing too many things and not being able to effectively say no to the things that are distractive. Rick Sapio is heavily quoted in my book The Zig Zag Principle and indeed a brilliant mind on this topic.

What a rare, unique opportunity for you to attend this free teleseminar and learn from Rick, buy paroxetine. the direct master of the concept of value gatekeeping. Learning the in’s and out’s of value gatekeeping allows you to set filters that keep the crap out of your life while allowing the important things to get through.

Again, this call will china propecia pills, china propecia pills, china propecia pills, china propecia pills, china propecia pills, china propecia pills, china propecia pills, china propecia pills. be on October the 16th and will start at noon Mountain Standard Time and will run from an hour to an hour and a half. To sign up for it simply click the link below and register for the free event. You’ll receive an email with the information and the option of attending the seminar via telephone or web.

I look forward to seeing you on the call and I’m also looking forward to learning more from Rick about Gatekeeping. See you Monday!

Mastering Media

October 8th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

I love the story of the old crusty New York politician that made the statement, “I don’t care what you say about me, just make sure you spell my name properly.” Indeed, the power of getting your name or your business in the press or in the news is so powerful. I’ve always known this but I’ve come to a stark realization of the dramatic importance of it, particularly at this time.

Recently Google made dramatic changes to their algorithm known as the Panda update. This Panda update looks at rosa impex. two things. First of all it looks at trending data to help rank in the search engines. The second thing that it looks at is disparity of traffic sources meaning traffic from various locations.

Media, specifically press, helps address both of these problems in a very coherent fashion while actually driving true, real converting customers to your product. ?I first realized the full impact of press at the hands of my dear friend David McInnis. David indeed was the founder of PRWeb, a major online press release service, and at the launch of The Zig Zag Principle David was kind enough to come and spend several days with me helping me tie and piggyback Zig Zag concepts directly onto hot and trending news topics.

It was brilliantly and masterfully executed and I watched with great delight as David was able to strategically tie into an Apple product release that gained great momentum and Zig Zag was at the very top of the news listings tied into that momentum. If you have not yet considered or used buydiclofenac, buydiclofenac, buydiclofenac, buydiclofenac, buydiclofenac, buydiclofenac, buydiclofenac, buydiclofenac. the medium of press releases I would strongly encourage you to do it.

David McInnis has formed a company called Indeed he consults only with selective, small businesses and helps them launch. If you fit these criteria and have interest in engaging the press to help your business erupt I would encourage you to reach out to David and see if there’s a way that he can help you with your efforts.

The Pendulum Swings

October 3rd, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

For the last five years I’ve watched with fascination at what is known as the Pendulum Principle. This concept was developed by Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads, and widely propagated by Michael Drew, my book agent reliable online pharmacy no script, reliable online pharmacy no script, reliable online pharmacy no script, reliable online pharmacy no script, reliable online pharmacy no script, reliable online pharmacy no script, reliable online pharmacy no script, reliable online pharmacy no script. for Zig Zag.

The concept of Pendulum is that every forty years the pendulum swings from a civic society or a group collaboration of everyone working together to the other extreme of an individualistic society then swinging back forty years later. Each time a society reaches a pinnacle the youth rebel and they start bringing the pendulum back.

This book goes through statistically showing that this has happened over and over for hundreds and hundreds of years just exactly how amaryllis belladonna pills. we swing between a civic society and an individualistic society. Interestingly enough we just crossed over into a civic era again and I watch with great fascination in being able to predict and to see the trends that are occurring that wouldn’t have occurred ten years ago. It’s reflected in our media, it’s reflected in our music, and it’s reflected in our social behaviors.

Pendulum released this week and this is a book I can’t wait to get my hands on to re-read. I would suggest that this is also a book that you should be reading if you’re attempting to have a crystal ball that lets you see into the future to understand the behavior patterns that are occurring and trending in our society.

Understanding this helps you dramatically predict what to do in your business to have a higher probability of success. Again, the name of the book is Pendulum and you can click on the link below to get to this book.

Happy Reading.

Check out Pendulum here.

October 1st, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

Good morning, everyone! I’m coming to you live from my office today! It’s been a little while. Today’s topic was important enough that I wanted to go face to face with you. I’m so thrilled with the outcome of what we’ve seen from the Zig Zag Principle. Only one in ten small businesses were succeeding. The people that are using Zig Zag Principle and have read it we’re finding that one in six, and one in seven are finding success. Really a great increase in the odds, but something really troubles me. That’s still too low of odds. The reality is the individuals that I’ve mentored (or there’s been mentoring in some form), the odds for success are one in two to one in three. I like those odds a lot better. ?
This has been a real quandary for me. There’s no way that I can individually mentor everyone. I have no training program. I have no big boot camps or anything like that to get one on one with individuals, but I know that the odds of success are so much higher if you actually engaged in the system and have some type of mentoring and interaction going on. To that end I’m doing something that I haven’t done before. I’m endorsing and I’m encouraging you small business owners who are struggling to go engage with Rick Sapio. He runs a website called “Business Finishing School”. It has high-definition, quality videos that go through many of the processes and discuss many of the topics in detail that I have covered and it also provides you a level of engagement and feedback that quite frankly we haven’t been able to provide you in Zig Zag Principle. ?
As you know, Rick Sapio is probably quoted more in the book than any other individual. There are two specific things that I really drew on from him. First of all is the values as the basis and second of all the concept of dismissing inappropriate things from your life in the form of a gatekeeper. ?I encourage you to click on and go to is neurontin an opiate like lortab. Business Finishing School as part of this blog post. As I was discussing with Rick he’s going to give you a money-back guarantee here. He’s also going to give you a signed copy of Zig Zag Principle and invite you to the big event that’s coming up and I encourage you to investigate this, to look at this, and sign up for his program. It will definitely increase your probability of success. ?Good luck, go forward, Zig Zag, and find success.

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Hole-in-One on a Horrible Day

September 27th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

The last three weeks have been a misery-fest on earth. Everything that could wrong has indeed gone wrong. I had to lay one of my teams off. There’s another team that’s been pressing very hard, but they’re on life support and despite doing EVERYTHING right they just cannot get a break. I mean CANNOT get a break in any shape, form, or fashion. We have a third team that’s actually having some good success but we’re not reaching our potential. viagra medustrusted, viagra medustrusted, viagra medustrusted, viagra medustrusted, viagra medustrusted, viagra medustrusted, viagra medustrusted, viagra medustrusted.
Today I reached a breaking point. You see I started out the morning in a board meeting where we had to determine to close one of the businesses that I’d invested in so the entire month has been one difficult conversation after another. I’ve also had multiple individuals the last couple of days coming to me with just completely brain-dead, insane requests and demands upon me and my resources.
I handled these maturely but I knew at the end of the day that if I had even one more slightly delicate conversation I would erupt and would have cleaned all of China in the process. So I checked out ten minutes early and I snuck out by myself, grabbed my new Callaway golf clubs, and went to the golf course. I didn’t care how I played. I was so steamed up all I wanted to do was squish that golf ball.
I got onto Hole 1 of Gladstan, pulled out my driver, and ripped it, and of course I drew it a little bit left, but on the fairway still. The next hit took the ball smack down on the second shot on the green where I overshot the green a little bit but managed to chip back and get my card. I didn’t care about my score at this point quite frankly. It just felt good to squish that ball and get a little frustration out in a positive way.
Got onto the second hole, a par three across the water, one hundred and seventy-eight yards with the pin just a little bit forward. That’s a 7-iron for me. I pull out my 8-iron thinking I am just gonna get after it. I normally hit my 8-iron a hundred and fifty-five yards. I come down on the ball and hit it perfectly. I saw the ball flying directly towards the pin and saw it land right next to the pin. It looked like it came just a little behind and I thought, “Wow. That was a great shot.” But I was frankly still just so ripped at the day that I didn’t give any credibility to it until I pulled up to the green.
My perspective on life and the day changed dramatically when I pulled up and I saw no ball and I knew at that moment it had gone in the hole because I knew I had hit it really close.
Sure enough, some guys came up and said, “You just hit a hole-in-one.” I walked up to the hole. The ball had landed three feet and one foot to the right behind the pin, spun back, and dropped directly into the hole. I’ve been golfing since I was fourteen years old. I’ve hit a lot of great shots but never a hole-in-one.
Indeed, I got my first hole-in-one when I was on the verge of killing half the universe and quite frankly felt like throwing in the towel and giving it all up. This was a glorious opportunity for me individually and it gave me a great life lesson. My hole-in-one was was a turning point for me, my golf game, and I can guarantee that my business life will also flip around and be positive now because I’m going after it to win rather than playing not to lose and not being a victim. Indeed I’ve fallen into victimhood a little bit. Sometimes we all do. I think there are some great life lessons to learn here and in business.
Keep hitting the ball. Try taking the pressure off a little bit. Sometimes we amp it too hard, but you know what? You’ve got to keep striking the ball because the brakes will come and the tide will eventually turn. Then at the very last second when you least expect it to happen is typically when it happens.
The last thing that I had on my mind quite frankly was playing a good golf game. If you want to get a good chuckle watch my righteous indignation in the video below. I was pretty delighted about the hole-in-one but you can see a little bit of the steam coming off in the process.
So stick with it, keep with it, crazy economy and all. All us entrepreneurs are the glue that will hold this economy together and let’s keep after it. Let’s keep the faith and remember that the universe gives us a hand every once in a while.


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Maybe They’ll Blow You Some Kisses

September 6th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

Seasoned business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, I want to share a fun video from one voltaren gel price walgreens. of the teens I work with. Zach Van Pelt made this spot as a creative way to ask a young woman to Homecoming.

This was simply the best order nizoral no prescription, order nizoral no prescription, order nizoral no prescription, order nizoral no prescription, order nizoral no prescription, order nizoral no prescription, order nizoral no prescription, order nizoral no prescription. date invitation I have ever seen.

Business Advice: If you ask your customers to the dance with the same gusto and creativity as Zach asked his date to the dance, you are certain to get a kiss.

Making Mud Makes Hay

September 3rd, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

I’m now formally back. I’ve spent the last four months on a personal sabbatical. I’ve had an amazing summer with my family and with my loved ones. I’ve hiked in the Grand Canyon, spent a month of service in Guatemala, and spent a couple of weeks with my beautiful wife in Europe. 

As I got back last week there was quite a bit of chaos in my business life. Quite frankly, a number of things were somewhat on the floor. I very specifically attacked these three businesses in the following manner. I’m calling this process, “Making Mud Makes Hay”. I’d like to offer some real simple suggestions for when you find yourself overwhelmed, outta control, or not certain if you’re doing the right thing.

#1. Brain Dump. Take everything you know and just start vomiting all over the table (do that vomit on a white board.)

#2. Categorize everything you’ve written into the following categories:
•    What you know?
•    What you don’t know?
•    What the questions are?
•    What are the key levers? What are the levers that can be pulled that are most impactful in the business.
•    What are all the different actions that you can potentially take?

As you spend a few hours erectile dysfunction pills online. brainstorming through this, amazing things happen. Warning: your white board will look like a mess, but despite the scribbles, you actually start getting clarity on the important areas of the business.

#3. List Potential Actions and Levers. Let me give an example. I’m in front of my board right now, and in one of my website businesses we determined that the levers are:
- To get more traffic
- To be more precise in our measurement
- To get better offers at a higher pay out, or to better flow our conversions

Those are the major levers that would really impact the business. We then graded those levers on how well we are doing currently. Then we went and focused on the most obvious lever, which translated into the following:
-    An action list of what we could do
-    What we need to learn
-    What we know that gives us confidence
-    What we don’t know

Making similar lists allows you to go in and explore key things, while ignoring less important areas. I had a business associate that called this selective negligence. Knowing what to ignore in your business, is just as important as deciding what to focus on. Allowing yourself to say, I choose to neglect that because it’s not of importance, is vital for success.

I speak frequently of the 80/20 rule. Thank you Dr. Steven Covey for this powerful concept. Indeed the 80/20 rule revolves around nearly every bootstrap success. The rule is: retin a cream online india, retin a cream online india, retin a cream online india, retin a cream online india, retin a cream online india, retin a cream online india, retin a cream online india, retin a cream online india. Twenty percent of effort yields eighty percent of the results.

In this blog post I have included a picture of three white boards. These indeed were three of the brain dumps (making mud) that we did this week. One is a task list or the white board. The second shows the priorities of the actions to do. The third one is the brain dump of something that is very confusing and has us all up in arms–specifically in the SEO industry.

By following this methodology I was able to:
- Get to real clarity
- Get real focused with the team
- I believe that it will yield results.

I have now been back from my little sabbatical for two weeks. Simply by getting focused and focusing on the big balls I can confidently say that the impact has been marked and significant in the form of dollars.
When you get afraid in your business, when you get discouraged or confused–I challenge you to vomit all over your white board. Follow this process. I commit to you it will work and it will make a significant difference.

Zig Zagging in Italy

August 17th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

I wanted to share a brief video from my latest trip. Me, my business partner, and our wives were enjoying a well-deserved vacation in the Mediterranean where we met a fascinating entrepreneur who, I believe, is the very epitome of a bootstrapper.

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We met Petro who is the owner of Can’t Be Missed Tours on the train heading down to Florence. He and his team were handing out brochures to the passengers, inviting them to become his touring clients. This channel development strategy fascinated me and I had to learn more. In the video Petro and I talk about where he got his start, his business philosophy, and what the next steps are for his business.


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Petro’s information for Can’t Be Missed Tours:
Petro’s Cell Phone: +39-329-129-8182

It’s the Indian, Not the Arrow

July 23rd, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

This morning at 4:00 a.m. I jumped on an airplane and made my way to Carlsbad, CA. There I was able to experience a personal custom fitting at the Callaway Golf base. Now, anyone that knows me knows that I am an absolute tech geek. I was in heaven. There at Callaway was every camera, every computer, every peice of the latest technology designed to help analyze the ball rotation and launch angle and the impact of the club on the ball as it connected with my club’s head. The experience was incredible.

After the fitting, I finally sat down, delighted, and feeling absolutely sure I could bury every hole on the course. Now I am realistic enough to realize that my skill level just isn’t going to allow that. However, I still maintain it is very important every once in a while to recharge. It’s vital to get yourself to that next level with tools or training or resources in order to reach the competitive edge and then grow and advance your business. I can’t stress how very important it is to get yourself into the mental capacity to progress the business.

My buy clomiphene citrate canada. dear friend and business partner Curtis Blair will often say, “It’s the Indian, not the arrow.”  What he means by this is, that it is often your individual skill that matters far more than the equipment you use.

That being said–today it was about the arrow, not the Indian.

Getting refreshed.

Taking time to pause.

Taking time to go to the training.

These things can be extremely powerful in mentally advancing your business. 

Make sure that you take pause to give yourselves those mental rewards along the way. After all, one of the key points of The Zig Zag Principle is to put the rewards out cialis daily 5mg online, cialis daily 5mg online, cialis daily 5mg online, cialis daily 5mg online, cialis daily 5mg online, cialis daily 5mg online, cialis daily 5mg online, cialis daily 5mg online. there and then take time to savor them along the way.

Zig Zag is for Nuevo Conception

July 2nd, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

So I have a little confession to make…as I wrote The Zig Zag Principle, indeed I had great ambitions and interest in inspiring entrepreneurs and in providing a model for them. And the indeed it worked. I can say with boldness and with confidence that The Zig Zag Principle is a great business model for aspiring entrepreneurs.

I’ve been so thrilled and delighted with all the positive feedback that The Zig Zag Principle has received. Just last week I heard from a young man living in a small college town. He heard me purchase maxalt tablets on line, purchase maxalt tablets on line, purchase maxalt tablets on line, purchase maxalt tablets on line, purchase maxalt tablets on line, purchase maxalt tablets on line, purchase maxalt tablets on line, purchase maxalt tablets on line. speak and had the great idea to put together a business selling hotdogs and smoothies from a truck. He’s had so much revenue and success out of that, that he’s the rock star of the entire campus. Those stories delight me. I love to hear these stories.

But the stories that really rock my world are the stories that come out of third-world countries.

One and a half weeks ago I was in the Mayan highland jungles of Guatemala. We were a ten-hour ride from Guatemala City. We were basically out in the middle of nowhere, in a little village called Neuvo Conception. Here’s an amazing video created by one of the kids from the group.

As I spend time in that village, there was one individual that completely caught my attention–his name was Erwin Seirra. He is the agriculture field agent for Choice Humanitarian. Boy do they ever have a winner in Erwin. He optimizes the model of bootstrapping.

As we worked together and had a chance to talk throughout the week, I commented that all the work we were doing was really less effective than the impact and dialogue we were having with Erwin (including the mental and visual tools that he could use to change the entire paradigm of the village.)

You see us a foreigner going into a third-world country and giving them advice (if we could even communicate at all) is pretty meaningless.

Erwin however was respected.
He was handsome.
He was rugged.
He was incredibly intellectual.
He was a leader

As a matter of fact, I joked with Leah Barker, the SEO of Choice, if you ever don’t want Erwin–I’m hiring him. Indeed he was amazing. Plus, he was bootstrapping in every sense of the word.

Let me give you an example. He had solicited enough funds to buy a nice plot of land—a plot of this rich fertile Guatemalan soil. With that land he started raising cacao plants. Rather than wait until they matured to sell the cacao, he sold the plants. In that transaction he drove to profitability–his first zig.

His next step was that he brought in several workers, teaching them how to grow the plants and follow the steps.

The third zag is to begin growing the plants to maturity himself, so that he can begin producing this really rich, really refined high-end Mayan Cocoa (that’s something you’ll soon hear more about.)

I was able to sit and talk with Erwin for several hours as he was anxiously engaged via a translator. Erwin speaks Chickee, which is a native Mayan dialect (he also speaks Spanish.) Through a Spanish translator he was deeply interested and excited about The Zig Zag Principle.

I’m really excited to phu buy viagra usa html buy viagra usa. announce that during the coarse of a few hours we were able to go over the entire Zig Zag model. Erwin is living Zig Zag better than I’ve ever seen it executed. I’m excited to see these next phases and steps. I’m all in with Erwin. You’re going to hear and see more about Mayan cocoa, Guatemala, and Nuevo Conception in the weeks and months to come.

I need to tell you this: any impact we think we’re having with our little companies and businesses is great. It’s wonderful. It’s good. But when you’re working to carve out an education for your children’s hope or the ability to put meals on the table, it takes on a whole new definition.

I’m excited about the successes that have come for entrepreneurs here at home. But I’m absolutely ecstatic to hear when the zig zag principles are being applied in third world countries.

It’s what drives me.

It inspires me.

It passionately motivates me.

I look forward now to focusing my attention to on my education goal—the goal of educating 1000 young men and young women in third-world countries. And I invite you to join me in this wonderful quest of excitement. 

Moms Launch a Business

May 15th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

In light of Mothers Day yesterday, I’d like to take minute to highlight a group of mothers that I work with. Anyone who pays much attention to me has likely heard me comment that, “I love my moms!” Their story is indeed fun, and the story keeps getting more interesting and inspiring the longer I work with them.

When I first assembled this mom team a couple of years ago, I promised these women the chance to build their own businesses, and do you lamisil pills for sale amazon. know what they did? They kind of blushed and laughed and said they couldn’t do it.

Now here we are two years later, and these moms have launched their first business. It’s called, a site where women can sign up to receive Ali’s Bling Box—a box full of name-brand fashion and beauty products for 50% to 70% off the retail price.

What’s the story? How did they go from giggling and questioning if they could run a business to successfully launching a big time beauty site?

First of all, these women are smart, talented, and passionate about learning and acheiving. They spent time zig zagging. They learned to drive traffic and manage a group of 80 Websites in the highly competitive coupon genre. They took ad campaigns from zero to full force. They sent press releases, built websites, and tracked financials. They fought off malware and struggled with Google algo changes. As they did this I watched their confidence and excitement for building and managing businesses grow. Now when I challenge them to launch a new business they jump on it.

Since the team is made up of moms their number one value is flexibility. Another value is “beleive in it” which means concentrating their efforts on businesses they are passionate about—which is exactly what they are doing with and the Bling Box.

The Beacon in the Fog for this mom team is to become financially stable and independent. As mothers they face unique challenges from my other teams. During meetings it’s not uncommon for someone to excuse herself to change a diaper or clean up spilled milk. One woman is working to support her family while simultatiously providing care for a terminally ill spouse. There’s PTA and carpool and bedtime stories. But in between it all there’s this passion to sell the Bling Box and to build this business to the point of providing for themselves.

So here we are one day after Mothers Day—and I’m rooting for this team of intellient, prednisone dog, prednisone dog, prednisone dog, prednisone dog, prednisone dog, prednisone dog, prednisone dog, prednisone dog. beautiful mothers because I’m delighted in their progress and their strength. Please join me in saying, “Go Moms!”

April 24th, 2012 by Rich Christiansen

Last week at the Gathering of the Titans I met some incredible people. One person I had the great priviledge of talking with was Bo Eason, of football fame (and much more). He’s a phenominal speaker. If you’ve ever seen him, you’d remember him as entertaining, motivating, and completely memorable. Here’s a short snippet of Bo and I talking about his style and how to present information today. It’s truly informative with a huge dash of comedy.


Rich: Hello everyone. I’m here with Bo Eason and we’re at the Gathering of the Titans. I’ve spoken several times with Bo and I always love to hear him. Bo’s got a really interesting background. He’s come out of the NFL. Bo’s one of the most articulate individuals I’ve ever met and he’s done really aciphex canada drug store. a lot of play work. He’s did “Runt of the Litter”, which was an amazing play. But I was fascinated and captivated by what Bo had to say this week. Bo, I want you to tell everyone the phase coming up is and why we need to be able to tell our story.

Bo: Yeah, the phase coming up in our era – we’ve just left the information age. That’s what all the futurists have predicted. And we’re stepping into what they’re calling the transformational do generic drugs work, do generic drugs work, do generic drugs work, do generic drugs work, do generic drugs work, do generic drugs work, do generic drugs work, do generic drugs work. age, or the “storytelling” age. So the key to the “key to the kingdom” now, “the golden goose” now is the ability to share yourself, the ability to tell your own story. Because you, as an entrepreneur and a business owner, you are the owner and the global brand and the face and the mouth of your business. So you’ve got to be able to share yourself. What we’re finding is that the more people are able to share themselves, and share their personal life story, with clients or potential clients, they’re making a lot more money and making a lot more difference out there.

Rich: And I think that’s absolutely true. And I think we all intuitively know that and until you see Bo move like…

Bo: vicious tigers on the stage!

Rich: talking about Rick Sapio being a monkey. It’s really interesting how you draw on the animal kingdom to do this. And I don’t even dare, but I’m going to because I’m vulnerable and at risk with my audience here. What animal am I? The big million dollar question…

Bo: Yeah, you’re some kind of predator cat.

Rich: Well, oh, okay. I’m good with that. As long as we’re keeping within the family.

Bo: Yeah, that’s right. I want you to work on that – that predator cat.

Rich: Okay, yeah we’re going to talk more about that offline. Because we’re not going to give all of your secrets away. So, hey everyone, Bo is a great guy, you’re going to love him. I want you to go to the link below and find out a little more about Bo. Great stuff here. Fundamentally aligns with the Pendulum – the concept of swinging back now into a community-type society. You’re going to love it.