Selling It Strong

April 29th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

Several weeks ago a friend and I went to the Master’s Golf Tournament in Augusta Georgia.  Of course this is such an amazing experience no one wants to leave the course, so by noon and after lunch we were both doing a little rain dance. We had to go to the restroom.

Ellis Taylor and I made our way to the restroom at the middle of the course, and much to our dismay found a line.  Not just any line, but a HUGE line!  We’re talking a line that is probably 500 people.

I though “oh, my heavens, this is going to take an hour.”  generic viagra mexico. The person in front of me saw my concern and said, “don’t worry about the line, it goes super fast and you are going to enjoy this experience.” I took a step back from the guy thinking, “this guy is a nut job, who enjoys waiting in line for a restroom.”

I got lost in conversation with Ellis and could not believe it when, five minutes later we were at the front of the line.  I was absolutely shocked by what I saw.  As we entered the restroom,  here’s this super high spirited, hyper-charged guy with a hat and funny hair poking out dancing and yelling, “come on in, this way, this way.”   He scurried us in pointing and directing to the back until we were literally jumping along.  As we got to the back there is another crazy dancer with the voice of either a boxing announcer or an auctioneer, yelling and pointing to the various urinals as patrons approached.  “Two in the back. Two in the corner.” Jumping up and down he yells, “zipper on the wall, zipper on the wall.”  Then to the next group prancing around he yells as if he just won the lottery, “full house and two on the side,” pointing at the urinals.  We were so excited by his “zipper on the wall” and “full house” we were just hippity-hopping, hippity-hopping right along.
I almost felt like I was at a circus and these guys were peddling peanuts and popcorn and cotton candy. It was downright engaging to the point that everyone did their business under direction of these auctioneers very quickly.  As quickly as we were done a 3rd guy shooed us out in a fun kind of way.
As I got through that I was feeling all happy inside. “Wow, that was really pretty cool,” I said to Ellis. And then I thought, “wait a minute. What is sexy about going to the restroom?”   Then it hit me . . . if your business or what you are offering does not have a lot of curb appeal—even if it is boring — if you get crazy excited about it and sell it strong people are still going to buy into it just out of the raw energy.

That’s what those kids at the Master’s were doing. They were using fancy words and saying, “zipper on the wall, in the corner, full house in the back, three on the side and two in the corner,” and they were literally making up words and having a blast with it. They sold it so strong that everyone was hopping right along.
Moral of the story: What ever you are doing in your business, sell it strong!

Go Big Or Go Home – At Least at Amen Corner!

April 8th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

Today Phil Mickelson ruined my perfectly good blog insight.     The video will tell you why.

You can’t win it on the first day but you sure can lose it.  I still contend that most of us should live generisches viagra kaufen deutsch. by this rule both in business and in golf unless your name is Phil Mickelson. 



Amen Corner

Why Do You Always Make Those Putts?

April 3rd, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

Why Do You Make Those Putts?

Several years ago as I was golfing with my business partner Curtis Blair I had a very interesting thought. I was attempting to get inside of his brain, and indeed golf is a game of brain, and I turned to him and commented as he had about an eight or ten foot putt, “Curtis, why do you always make those putts?” He laughed and then, guess what? He made the putt. He went on that day to have a tear and made all the eight or ten foot putts.

The week before last we were driving to Southern Utah to have some discussions on our business, we stopped and we played a quick round of golf. I was having a rather difficult day. I had missed a number of putts, and right before I lined up to make what was a very important putt Curtis commented to me, “Rich, why do you always make those putts?” I had a real good laugh, and guess what? I made the putt.

In life, it’s so much that way. We oftentimes tell ourselves don’t do this, don’t do that, watch out for that, be careful! Guess what happens? We telegraph into the universe and all that our mind hears is that hesitancy, and we end up doing exactly the thing that we didn’t want to do. Business is very much about being pragmatic and thoughtful and deliberate and using real skills. However, there’s also a real mental part to the game.

In Bootstrap Business we talked about the heart and the head – the head being the intellectual part and the heart being the more intuitive part of the equation. It’s really important that when you look at succeeding or look at executing in your business that you ask yourself why do you always succeed in business. Why do you always make those putts? I promise you it will give you a higher probability of success, and it will also just make it a lot more fun.



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