The Race Seldom Goes to the Fastest

August 20th, 2009 by admin

Today Rich will key you in on what is needed to win as an entrepreneur.

There is a man named Minesh Doshi who lives in Ahmedebad, India. He wanted his own computer hardware company, but didna??t have the capital for a full-scale start-up. Despite daunting obstacles, he began to work toward his goal, slowly.

He bought all the components he could afford from the local market, put computers together on his own, and then sold them to local business owners. All the transportation of parts and machinery was literally done on his bicycle. He worked aggressively, providing stellar service and support until he became well-known and well-respected in this local area.

As a result of his reputation and hard work, he got a hardware contract from the Indian government. Now, Minesha??s company, Semaphore Software, is a major engineering outsource resource in India. I prefer to work with him and his team of almost 400 employees over any other team in India. When you deal with Minesh, there is no question; you are doing business with tetracycline online. a doggedly determined individual.

John Adams, American patriot and second President of the United States described his position with respect to the fervent fight for independence as a??unalterably determined.a?? He could not and would not be swayed from the defined objective, freedom. This mettle, this unalterable determination is also the foundation of your entrepreneurial success.

Let me impress upon you this truth: the race very seldom goes to the fastest, the prize to the smartest, the award to the most beautiful, or the brass ring to the cleverest. The individual who simply refuses to die and continues to press forward will eventually get the win. That is unalterable determination.

In the 2004 Olympics, Puerto Rico played America in basketball. On paper, America was the a??A-team,a?? Puerto Rico falling far behind, the B-team. Were you shocked as you watched the underdogs school the more talented Americans? I wasna??t. It was a classic occurrence of A players giving B efforts and B players giving A efforts. Larry Brown, USAa??s coach, commented on the B teama??s win: a??I’d like to congratulate Puerto Rico… They played so much harder than we did, so much better as a team… From our perspective the only thing we can do is to find out what we’re made of.a??

Ia??ll take a B team giving A effort any day of the week.

As you read the following sections, analyze your mental and emotional foundation. If youa??re not the strongest man or the cleverest woman, know that it has nothing to do with your promise as an entrepreneur. Your unalterable determination can and will carry you to victory.

Portera??s Pointsa??The Race Seldom Goes to the Fastest

a?? Approach each endeavor with a??unalterable determinationa?? a?? and if you dona??t have any, get some!
a?? Continually press forward and course-correct as required.
a?? So you werena??t MVP or valedictorian. Focus on what you are! Make a list of the qualities in your heart and head that will get you where you want to be.

Besides having unalterable determination, you also need to learn to trust your gut a?? more on that next time!

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