Tell Them What They Don’t Know and Can’t Tell You

October 9th, 2010 by Rich Christiansen

This past week I have been in NYC and had the opportunity to have lunch with Michael Fishman. A? Michael Fishman is recognized as one of the top copy-writing consultants in the world and is simply an amazingly brilliant mind. A?In addition to being really smart, A?Michael is also incredibly generous. A?As we met for lunch he brought, as a gift, his three favorite books. A?Who does that? A?What aA? kind gesture. A?Thank you Michael!

I am half way through one of the books, A?The Culture Code now. What an insightful read.

While discussing with Michael the key factors ofA? creating an advertisement or attempting to really reach someone,A? he gave the following formula:

1. A?Listen very carefully to what they know and will tell you.

2. A?Observe and make sure you are aware of what they know and will not tell you.

3. A?Figure out what they don’t know and can’t tell you

If you write and communicate to all three factors you will nail the communication and certainly findA?success. A? What a great concept.

Below I have included an insightful, three-and-a-half-minute segmentA?from an interview that I did with Michael. A? I hope you enjoy as much as I did. I can buy clomid online with fast shipping. feel all of the marketing messages getting better with each view of this video.

Thanks for sharing Michael!

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