Spanish Fork Seniors on the Subway

November 25th, 2008 by Sharon Larsen


Our office made it back safely from New York City and we had an incredible experience and learned a lot.A? The fast-paced atmosphere and around-the-clock action of the City initially seem overwhelmingly complex.A? This is particularly true when you attempt to ride the subways.A? Crowds of hurried people rushing and pushing past you, speeding trains in every direction, and subway operators that seem determined to crush as many individuals in the doors as possible, can intimidate even the most determined newcomer.A? But when you step back and take a few deep breaths, you see that there is a logic and order to the system.A? All that is needed to successfully arrive at your destination is a map, the ability to follow directions, and a little bit of common sense.A?

We experienced this first hand this weekend.A? Our high school seniors went from looks of horror as we approached our first ride to airs of confidence by the end of the weekend as they navigated the trains.A? Lo and behold, the public transportation system really isna??t that intimidating and isna??t out to get anyone (Ia??m almost convinced of thisa??.).A? This concept is directly applicable to starting your own business.A? It can be scary, intimidating, and completely overwhelming with all the moving parts.A? However, if you breathe deeply and find a good guide, the process can be not only doable, but even enjoyable!A? A?Rich and Ron are really looking forward to helping individuals navigate through the complex system and it will be fun to watch the bootstrap seminars unfold.

Looking ahead, wea??re all excited about the direction wea??re heading as a company.A? We took the time while in New York to create our new list of goals for Q1 2009.A? After experiencing how fun and rewarding it is to meet goals, we are all energized to work towards our new targets.A? Even in the midst of all our New York excitement, we established goals that were specific and reasonable yet challenging.A? Our CastleWave company goals for the 1st quarter includeA?A?

  • Launch Search Engine Express
  • Run 60 new clients through that program
  • Engage 3A?large clients
  • $350K revenue
  • $250 revenue/day from website assets
  • Book released with online platform established

These goals may not all make sense to you, but ita??s the principle thata??s important.A? We set goals that will require us to be dedicated and focused in our work.A? These goals are a critical component of our ‘subway map’ – they are the end points we are trying to reach as we navigate through the confusion.A? While these goals are achievable, success is by no means a given; wea??ll all be working very hard over the next few months.A? We havena??t settled on an equivalent reward yet, but you can bet that wea??re all brainstorming!A? It’s going to take a lot to beat our racing around the subways of New York!

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