Porter’s Preface: The Heart and the Head of the Entrepreneur

August 18th, 2009 by Sharon Larsen

Today we begin Chapter 12 of Bootstrap Business: The Heart and the Head of the Entrepreneur.

How many a??do-it-yourselfa?? books have you read?A? Of those, how many did you pick up a second time? A?And what about chapters youa??ve read multiple times?A?

Scan your bookshelves. Invariably, youa??ll come across a book with where can i buy stendra. tattered pages and cover, a dog-eared and underlined favorite. Your favorite book naturally falls open to a??the best part,a?? a chapter that fills you with motivation and confidence. This chapter is one of those chapters.A?

If you want to run the entrepreneura??s race you must understand this truth: the attributes and skills required to experience success deal directly with what you have in your heart and in your head. Nothing else is more important. The stamina essential for entrepreneurial success springs from your mental, emotional, and spiritual reservoirs.A? In this chapter, Rich discusses some of his favorite principles and topics for getting your heart right and your head on straight.


The Race Seldom Goes to the Fastest

Trusting Your Gut

The Loneliness of Leadership

Embracing Failure



The Secret

Abundance Mentality

Breaking Through the Mental Barrier

The Zone

Do the Hard Thing


Wea??ll dive into these sections next time and youa??ll see why ita??s a favorite chapter for anyone starting a business….



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