Porter’s Preface: Building A Killer Team

December 1st, 2009 by admin

Today Ron introduces chatper 15 in Bootstrap Business by explaining the necessity of building a killer team.

When you consider all the activities associated with building a great team, what do you think of first? Where you are going to post the position? What about creating a detailed job description? Determining salary and title? Before you even consider filling your office with employees, there are three other people who need your primary attention. In this chapter, Rich will tell you who those people are.

As you build your killer team, make sure you are particularly deliberate with your first few hires. Prioritizing relationships, creating appropriate culture, knowing who to hire when, and keeping your employees technologically equipped and informed helps keep your team killer.

Rich and I had a close call when we were working on our team for a recent venture. While interviewing for an administrative assistant, one of our appointments committed a hit-and-run in our parking lot. When the police came, we discovered that she was a convicted felon. We consider our administrative assistant one of our most important hires. Needless to say, committing a hit-and-run was cheap bupropion. not one of our mandatory job qualifications!

In this chapter Rich will also give critical insight on the power of the team, and how to structure an effective organization. No individual can do as well as an effective team.

It is important to have a solid grasp on the concepts in this chapter. They are the foundational principles upon which you will build your business. You cana??t build your team unless you have a good foundation, a killer foundation. Rich knows that as well as or better than anyone else I know.

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