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March 8th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

This past weekend I flew to Colorado and drove up to the base of Pike’s Peak to spend several days with an individual whom multiple people have been screaming at me for years that I must meet.  This individual is none other than Mr. Patrick Gentempo.  I respect individuals who are intelligent. I admire individuals who work hard, and I enjoy associating with individuals who have good hearts and solid intent. 

Very seldom have I associated with an individual with a triple combo who exhibits all three characteristics.  Patrick lived up to every expectation set for him and indeed exhibited all three of the attributes I described above.  Not only was I captivated by listening to Patrick lecture as he quoted Plato and Aristotle tying them into wellness topics, but I also discussed with Patrick his vision and hope for the future and its aspirations.

Patrick is an amazing man.  For those of you who do not know Patrick, he is one of the thought leaders in the wellness industry.  Over the weekend he jump-started me on several legitimate and achievable wellness objectives:

  1. Eat more regularly
  2. Get plenty of sleep
  3. Don’t drink carbs, instead drink water and lots of it; summarizing just being more moderate and smart with what I take into my body.

The fundamental premise that Patrick espouses is that the central nervous system has the capacity to help keep the body well and vibrant if we don’t confuse it, pollute it or mask it.  He is a strong believer in not using medication or other drugs and keeping your soul and senses alive and vibrant, while exercising and eating healthy, natural foods.

Two statements that Patrick said that really jumped out at me.

  • In the US, we don’t have health care, we have sick care.  It’s important to have sick care when we have accidents and other health issues to address. But let’s not confuse health care with sick care.
  • All of us have stresses imposed to our system–be they physical, emotional, social, etc.–that can cause us to wear down and become sick.  We have two choices for how we approach this: one is to eliminate stresses and two is to increase our body’s ability to manage, cope and deal with the stresses.

Being a very intense and active individual, I am dismayed at the thought of removing life’s experiences from my schedule, thus, the insight that there is a second option that I can consume healthy foods, exercise more regularly and sleep more regularly would allow me to engage in more amazing life opportunities was an exciting new concept to me.

You’re going to love Patrick, you can learn more about Patrick  at  Patrick Gentempo. maxalt 10 mg.    For great wellness tips visit  Creating Wellness.

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