Life Lessons at 12,200 Feet

July 21st, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

Due to the high amount of wind atop a 12,169-foot mountain, this video is a bit hard to hear. Below is the transcription of the audio. I hope you enjoy the view from the top as well as the inspiration I enjoy while working with these young Boy Scouts.

Richard: Alright everyone…we are on top of buy levothyroxine tablets online. Delano, which is a 12,200 feet peak in the Tushar Mountain range in Utah. We’re here with the Boy Scouts.

(To the Boy Scouts) Guys this is the most important talk we will have had this entire trip. So, who thought the hike up was a little tough?

(Boy Scouts agreeing it was difficult.)

That is an important life lesson. Nothing in life that is worth having is easy. Throughout your entire life you will face dragons. Remember when we were looking at the Devil’s Tooth and everyone started saying, “Ah! I can’t do this, I’m really nervous.”

There are a lot of moments in life that are scary and the reality is that the number one thing anything worth having in life is hard, and it takes hard work. If something is easy then everyone else has done it and it’s not worth having.

The second point is we zig zagged all the way up here. What if we would have headed straight up that mountain? What do you think would have happened?

A Boy Scout:We would have died!”

Richard: We would not have made it. We would have fallen off those cliffs. So indeed we have proven again today that Zig Zag is a fundamental true principle.

Everyone: It’s AWESOME! We can make it ANYWHERE!




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