Keep Climbing

July 28th, 2009 by Sharon Larsen

Today’s section of Chapter 11: Climb High, Sleep Low is short, but still important!



During our first trip to Nepal, my wife and I hiked with our friends, Steve and Lanette Olsen. Steve was without a doubt the strongest climber in the group, but after one particularly difficult ascent he had difficulty acclimating to the new altitude. At one point, Steve had to go into an altitude compression chamber called a Gamoff bag. Despite the setback, Steve persevered, listened to his body, and kept climbing. He ended up being the strongest finisher of the trek. He overcame the obstacle and achieved his climbing objectives.


In reality, many small businesses do not succeed. Just like on the mountain, there is no one to tell you to turn around and go home. It doesn’t matter how many summit bids you make. As long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will eventually reach your goal. Keep climbing.


Porter’s Points – Keep Climbing


·         Expect to win and when you do, don’t be surprised!

·         Experiencing failure does not make you a failure—learn from it and move on.



It’s important for entrepreneurs to push through challenge and keep climbing!  Next time we’ll talk about building up a reserve to sustain your business through hard times.

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