Introduction to Bootstrapped! A No Bull Solution for Small Business Success

January 6th, 2009 by Sharon Larsen

The voting is in, and in a 3 – 1 landslide, the formal title of the book is Bootstrapped! A No Bull Solution for Small Business Success.  Today is the day we begin blogging the book, section by section!  Just so you’re aware of what people are saying about the book, I’d like to start off with some of the fun and interesting endorsements we’ve received. 



“This book attacks business creation with the same vigor and discipline that I climb mountains.  I love how Rich has tied in the analogies of mountain climbing to business creation.  If your desire is to reach the summit of small business ownership, don’t try it with out this survival guide.  The book is simple, straight forward, and spot on!”


Ed Viesturs, High Altitude Climber – who’s reached the summit of all fourteen 8,000 meter peaks without the use of supplemental oxygen – and author of No Shortcuts To The Top



“This book is the one of the most practical, sound and wise investments you will ever make in your small business.  Buy it, study it, use it—and prosper!”


Joseph Grenny, New York Times Bestselling co-author of Influencer: The Power to Change Anything.


As you can see, we’re building a lot of momentum around the book and are excited to get it published in the next couple of months.  That being said, let’s get started on the content – enjoy!




Bootstrap Your Way to Success


Most books on entrepreneurship focus on obtaining venture capital and writing a business plan. They are sterile, academic, and non-actionable, unless a person has access to considerable assets at the outset. “Bootstrapped!” grows out of a proven process for taking $5,000 and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps to become a successful company.


“Bootstrapped!” is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not an enticement to attend a “free” seminar where you will be goaded into buying products and services guaranteed to make you millions. It is a self-contained book that will explore the authors’ experiences in launching companies that have failed and companies that have generated millions in returns. And it is a book that will show readers the steps they must follow to do the same.


Among its many unique features, “Bootstrapped!” encourages people to build a business from where they are: often on the side, as they continue their full-time employment and strategically plan their transition to full-time business ownership.


A Recipe Book for Success

Rich has mentored countless would-be entrepreneurs, in addition to starting almost 30 of his own businesses. These experiences have revealed a pattern of questions and processes. “Bootstrapped!” sets forth powerful principles from real people who have bootstrapped businesses. It organizes those principles in such a way that they are both motivational and as easy to follow as a trusted family recipe.


True Entrepreneurial Freedom


In these crazy economic times, the greatest job security available to an individual is to own a business. One of the major drivers for most people is the desire to become their own boss. “Bootstrapped!” clarifies that entrepreneurship does offer the freedom so many seek, but that it also demands accountability. Most important, the book teaches how to balance the demands of business ownership with personal relationships.


Chapter Format


Each chapter has three sections as described below:


  1. Porter’s Preface – Introduction to the chapter and the concepts taught within the chapter. This introduction is set up and written by Ron Porter
  2. Chapter Body – Rich Christiansen teaches the principles and key points of the chapter using engaging stories and real-life experiences.
  3. Porter’s Points – Ron wraps up each section by articulating actionable take-away items.


Stay tuned on Thursday for the next section! 

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