I Dreamt of Michaela Last Night

November 8th, 2010 by Rich Christiansen

Several weeks ago I received an emotional letter from one of my childhoodA? friends.A? Blaine’s father Don Tuft was one tegretol is made of. of my hero’s and inspirations in my life.A? In Bootstrap Business there are several stories and examples taught me by this amazing man.

This friend Blaine TuftA? is now a medical doctor who has been deployed to Afghanistan.A? With permission from Blaine,A? I share with you verbatim a section of his letter.

“Last night was a sad, memorable night for me.A? We had a 12-year-old girl brought in after she picked up a mine (while she wasA? out in the fields with her livestock).

It blew off bothA? her hands and completely blew her eye out of the socket.

When she finally got to us we had to tell the father that she had catastrophic brain injuries and would not survive.A? The father was very stoic and did not cry.A? We withdrew care and she passed quietly.A?A? The father said some Muslim prayers and recited scriptures over her.A?A? We then had one of the women clean the body and turner her face East towards Mecca, as per their customs.

I tried to show compassion to the father and sat down by him in a chair and touched his shoulder to express my condolences at which point he literally jumped out of his chair.A? I don’t know if he was surprised or he thought I was asking him to move. I guess our expressions are not the same as theirs.

This morning when I came back into work he was sitting outside the doctors work room–no sleep all night, wiping away tears…through a translator I asked him if I could bring him something to eat…he said “no”.A? He just wanted to leave to take the body back home.

The mortality rates are extremely high in the country especially with childbirth but death of a loved one inflicts horrible wounds regardless of the country or circumstances.

I dreamt of Michaela last night and woke up feeling very somber.”

I frequently make the comment to team members,A? partners, and individuals aspiring to become entrepreneurs the same comment that my mentor Dr. Peter Horne made to me.

You can replace anything in this world.A? You can replace a job, you can replace a car, you can replace money. What you can never replace is your family, your trust relationships, and your health.

Let us not forget why we embark in this amazing adventure of entrepreneurship and do it with intent to deepen not diminish the precious trust relationships in our lives.

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