Got a Target? Fire, Fire, Aim!

October 12th, 2009 by admin

In order to aim and fire at a target you must have one in your sights. Finding a target can be a tricky process if you are not aware of how you are finding your target. How do you find your target? Do you spend your time carefully finding a target to aim at or do you fire first? Most entrepreneurs can be identified in one of two categories a?? those who fire at their target and those who aim. The question anafranil no prescription, anafranil no prescription, anafranil no prescription, anafranil no prescription, anafranil no prescription, anafranil no prescription. is who will be more successful? The entrepreneur who aims more or the entrepreneur who fires more?

Traditional business practices would have most entrepreneurs believe they should spend a lot of time planning their every move. While there is value in planning make the mistake of making a plan for the plan and then just keep on planning without taking their head out of the sand to see if the target they are aiming at is suitable for the environment above the sand. The flip side is the entrepreneur who is firing at everything in sight so there is a lot of movement buy viagra online denmark. but very little momentum in the absence of aim!

While it may seem comfortable to aim, aim, aim and exhilarating to fire, fire, fire the truth is being stuck in either mode is frankly quite useless. If you want real results the answer lies in fire, fire, AIM!
When you fire, fire, aim you are not stuck aiming or firing; you do a bit of both. When it comes to finding a target for your business you spend a short amount of time thinking about what you are going to aim at. Are you looking for a new niche market or distribution channel for your business? Maybe you have a few business ideas and youa??re not sure which ones to focus on?

To aim and fire successfully you must quickly survey your environment. You can quickly and easily investigate your environment using these three simple techniques:

  1. Identify your channel: Figure out who are the people who would be interested in your product or service.
  2. Survey your channel: Call up at least 5 people who you think would be interested in your product or service. Ask them what they think about it? While youa??re at it ask them how much they would be willing to pay for it and what would make it a no brainer?
  3. Pick a brain: Take a mentor or someone who has already done what you are thinking of doing and ask them for their feedback about your idea. Doing this one last makes you look good because youa??ve already done some homework.

Completing the above techniques will only take you a few hours . By evaluating a few targets to fire at you will be much more savvy about where to aim. In the end, if you dona??t know if there is a demand for your target then you dona??t really have a business do you?

By going through fire, fire, aim as quickly as possible you will save yourself a lot of heartache from getting stuck in aiming at something that will end up being a lot of motion without any momentum. In case you havena??t noticed yet, wea??re big fans of MOMENTUM!

So, what if youa??re an aim, aim, aim or a fire, fire, fire kind of person? Dona??t fret! There is hope for you in aligning yourself with partners and staff who viagra canada, viagra canada, viagra canada, viagra canada, viagra canada, viagra canada, viagra canada, viagra canada. compliment you.

Next time, wea??ll be looking at exactly how you can be confident that youa??ve found your perfect match when we discuss focusing on your strengths!

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