Getting to the Top Is Optional … Getting Back Down Is Mandatory

October 31st, 2009 by Rich Christiansen
Ed Viesturs and Rich Chrisitiansen

Ed Viesturs and Rich Chrisitiansen

Last night I was able to spend a few minutes with Ed Viesturs. As you know, Ed not only endorsed Bootstrap Business, but he was also the center of content for the Chapter Climb High Sleep Low.

Ed just released a new book titled K2 Life and Death on the Worlds Most Dangerous Mountain.

I will be traveling to Japan and China next week with one of my companies FrogHair, I looking forward to reading this book on the trip.

The fun part of our discussion last night was having Ed explain his mindset as well as show the route he used to get up Annapurna cialis paypal payment. ….. Which was his 3rd attempt and last of the 8,000 meter peak summits he climbed. Keeping in mind that 100 people in the world have climbed Annapurna, 50 have died.

Those of you who have seen my presentations or attended the Boot Camps know this story and the reason why I gained such respect for Ed after observing this experience.

If you don’t know why Ed Viesters is one of my heroes, READ THE BOOK ALREADY!

Getting to the Top Is Options Getting Back Down Is Mandatory both in business and in mountain climbing.

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