From Humble Beginnings…

November 14th, 2008 by Sharon Larsen

Let me start by introducing myself.A? My name is Sharon Larsen and I first became associated with Rich Christiansen and Ron Porter a little over three years ago when I started working for Rich.A? I had just finished my bachelora??s degree in International Politics and was looking for a meaningful job opportunity where I could get my feet wet.A? Without really knowing what I was getting into, I accepted the job as an account manager with Rich and completely changed my lifea??s trajectory.A? The next several months were a whirlwind of highs, lows, and everything in between that is associated with working in a small business.A? After about 15 months, Rich decided to sell/close the 3-4 businesses we were running and take a break (more on this story later) and I had the opportunity to try something new.A? My experiences with the businesses and Richa??s encouragement led me to pursue an MBA in finance.A? Ia??m now in my second year of school and will be graduating in April.A? I recently joined Rich and Rona??s team again; ita??s a new business with new faces in the office, but the same passion and drive for success that drew me in three years ago.A?


During the time that I was in school and away from the office, Rich and Ron began writing a book documenting the precise process they follow to create a new business, something Rich has done about 27 times.A? As they wrote, Ron challenged the principles in the book and insisted they start a business to prove it.A? The resulting company, CastleWave, made over $1 million in its first year of business and is continuing to grow.A? The book is recently completed and will soon be going to press.A? Over the next few weeks until the book comes out, Ia??ll be blogging the story behind the book because ita??s so fascinating and I think youa??ll enjoy it.A? If youa??ve had a chance to watch the video thata??s posted on the website, you know a little about the book and the basic story behind it.A? If you havena??t, I would encourage you to watch it a?? ita??s a captivating story!


A?While my involvement in this story started three years ago, the roots of the venture go back much further than that.A? Rich had strong entrepreneurial tendencies even in college but, as he puts it, didna??t think that he had the nerve, background, or funding to start his own company.A? After getting an executive MBA, Rich discovered that he had an aptitude for business even though his background was in engineering.A? Rich and Ron first became acquainted while they were both working for Novell and then solidified their relationship when they served together in ecclesiastical positions for their church.A? They become such an effective team that they could basically read each othera??s minds and finish each othera??s thoughts.A? Even while I was first working for Rich, he and Ron had a side-business going that they later sold for a modest profit.A? Little did they imagine, I assume, the partnership that would evolve in the futurea??

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