Flip Flopping Politicians Are Simply Zig Zagging

August 5th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

Dave McInnis (successful entrepreneur, business man, and friend of mine) and I were just having a conversation about how in politics we’re all so critical buy neurontin 800mg no prescription. of politicians who flip flop on their decisions, opinions and strategies.

Dave just made the comment that this disdain for flip floppers drives him crazy, because exactly what we need in the political process is to flip flop back and forth.

“We hire people to govern and not to dictate; so governance means that you have to change your position to match the will of the people who elected you.” Said Dave.

I concur and I want to follow that statement with this example. Picture the healthcare bill. Is there a solution that we can immediately charge directly toward? Is there one straightforward, immediate solution for solving our healthcare problem? We all know that our problem is crazy, intense and involved. People would die. The country would go bankrupt if we quickly and absent-mindedly charged toward something.

The solution is going to require Democrats and Republicans; and a lot of flip flopping, zig zagging, and compromising along the way, in order to resolve the problem.

Flip flopping or zig zagging is the only way we are going to solve our problem. It’s the only way we are going to solve most problems. Dave is right, “We need governance, not dictatorship.”

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