Enabling Freedom Fighters in Afganistan With Steve Comrie

February 18th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

Today I had the opportunity to meet with Steve Comrie.  I sat dumbfounded for 2 hours as I listened to his incredible stories of  Afghanistan, Taliban rule, personal sacrifice, and the plight of the Afghan women.

Steve Comrie  and his business partner Dave Reid will be honored as the Freedom Festival Award Winners in  2011.  Steve and Dave spent 5 months in Afghanistan setting up an open and non-biased TV  station.   This TV station and it’s programing is being ran and funded by individual Afghans who are attempting bring free speech to Afghanistan.  They represent what is possible in life by offering an open and non biased point of view.

Steve is a seasoned executive in the Telecomunications industry and has held positions ranging from  COO and President at Advanced Radio Telecom to Co-founder and Director of Netlink. 

One of my favorite sayings is:

rx legitimate online pharmacy. Do It, Do it now and do it with a purpose.  Make no small plan for it has not the magic to stir the soul of man”  President Spencer W Kimball

Indeed, these men have made no small plan and the impact is beyond most of our comprehention. 

I know that you will enjoy this interview


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