Challanging My Affinity for Meyers Briggs

July 30th, 2011 by Rich Christiansen

I’m a huge proponent of Meyers Briggs tests. In my businesses, we use these tests to help with hiring, forming teams, determining target markets, and learning how best to communicate with each other. So naturally, I had several employees and potential hires take the test. Here’s the email I got back from one of my senior team leaders.

Subject: I’m an enigma, but most people are…

These personality test results seem like a bunch of horse biscuits. I don’t agree with that thing. I think I contradict my own self. Either way, thanks for the gig.
- I like people, but pretty much all of them annoy me after a while.
- I’m emotional, but I love statistics and facts.
- I like parties and so forth, but I always need to detox from socializing.
- I love history. I think about the past all the time. I also dream of the future (living on my farm where all is perfect.)
- I love getting a ton of stuff done, but I can’t maintain a fast pace forever. I also excel at wasting time. zithromax z pac.
- I’m always late getting places. I’m never late on deadlines.
- I don’t like to hear about people’s problems, but they all tell me about them all the time, so I’m good at dealing with that kind of crap.
- I’m motivated by humor, a reaction, and (humorous) controversy. But I don’t want to be actively involved in controversy. I’d rather make it happen and then watch.
- I have a huge list of pet peeves. (People who smell like their breakfast, wasteful sounds, girls who scream for no reason, old people who give unwanted advice, people who toot their own horn, anything sticky, static, wind, people who say “I’m just sayin”, people who use the word “uber” in regular English conversation, people who eat sushi because it’s trendy, chalk dust, expensive workout clothes, etc, etc. On the other hand, I can also get along with pretty much anyone.
- Personality tests annoy me because there are close to 6,775,235,700 types of people on the earth–not 4.

After I finished laughing, I thought, this is a good reminder that personality tests have their place. We use them to get the conversation started, we use them to aid communication, but at the end of the day…people are unique individuals, all 6,775,235,700 of them.


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