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June 19th, 2009 by Sharon Larsen

Today on Buzz Your Business we’re excited to feature Sue Varty of Wordtree Consulting!


Seeding a Business

Wordtree was planted without fanfare when friends, family, and co-workers would come to me for tips and tricks based on my experience as a software trainer. My documents were a showcase for my skills and other people wanted in on that! I was happy to help them out. Now, I offer these types of services to small business owners who need an edge.


Nurturing New Growth

Wordtree provides sales writing to satisfy a??old schoola?? copywriting needs. At the same time, I inform my clients about new software, innovative sites, and social media. As a result, my creative marketing side gets to express itself and people get the content they need a?? a great match no matter what the media. I charge flat fees so my clients know up front what they are purchasing.


Learning Under the Wordtree

Training is a large component of my business so people can become more efficient and learn the techniques that have become the key to my success. I love to share knowledge and offer $10.00 support calls/emails as an initial service. I understand when you’re stuck and you don’t know the terminology to decipher the manual.


Wordtree is Still Growing Branches

My business does not have a lot of bells and whistles yet. My homepage is a simple brochure. My clients come first and I focus my efforts on a monthly eNewsletter that is fairly exclusive. One day I will enhance my own site. However, I find it doesn’t stop me from working creatively for my clients. Twitter has been an amazing tool for people like me and there are things coming from the IT world that will change the game pretty soon, such as Google Wave.


Wordtree and Bootstrap

Wordtree follows Rich and BootstrapBook on Twitter and appreciates their business insights and real-time advice. I feel like I connect with Rich and Ron throughout the day because their a??tweetsa?? are always informative and relevant for my small business. They keep me focused on my goals when I have my entrepreneur self-doubt moments! The a??Death by Neta?? section really hit home for me. Just because I send an invoice a?? doesn’t mean the money is in the bank!


Why Contact Wordtree?

Sue may be an a??old schoola?? copywriter sometimes but her approach draws people and small businesses to her time and time again. Sometimes a??tried and truea?? can bridge the gap to using an innovative, new technology and take your business goals to another level.


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Sue Varty, Document Expert, Wordtree Consulting

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