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May 22nd, 2009 by Sharon Larsen

Today is our first Buzz Your Business post and we’re featuring Dave Young of Wizard of Ads. 



I’ve been a Partner in the Wizard of Ads consulting group since 2002. My focus is helping owner-operated companies grow their businesses through better advertising, marketing and strategy. To me, there’s something very gratifying about working with the owner of a small business instead of the marketing committee in a large company. I’ve done both, and I can say that the excitement of sitting across the table from the decision-maker is always more exciting.


One of the unique aspects of our business model is being paid according to the results we deliver. We set a consulting fee for the first year of working with a client and then adjust it according to the rise or fall in gross sales in subsequent years.


Our core services include website development, copywriting, media buying, email marketing, public speaking and teaching. I’ve been focusing on the area where on-line and off-line marketing intersect. Specifically, applying web analytics to radio schedules to measure web traffic that is the result of radio advertising. Emerging technology is making this easier to do and is providing a new level of accountability to traditional media.


My first exposure to Rich and Ron was when they took a class I was co-teaching last fall. It has been my pleasure to get to know them and spend time with them. Their book and their wise counsel have helped me focus my own business in some very important and strategic ways. I’m very excited for their success and have been recommending their book and program to every business owner I come in contact with.


My favorite chapter in Bootstrap Business is “Fire, Fire, Fire, Aim!” The lesson comes from Rich’s experience hunting rabbits. Instead of hunting around for a rabbit (or perfecting a new product or service line) it sometimes works best just to lob a few shots into the bushes and scare up some rabbits (launch your product or service in a bunch of directions at once to see who gets interested). Only then, do you “aim” for one of the rabbits you flushed out of the bushes.


I often tell my own clients that the biggest benefit to hiring a consultant is to see your business through a fresh set of eyes. Reading Bootstrap Business (and getting to know Rich) has been that kind of experience for me. Thanks for writing it!


Dave Young blogs at and his services are described on his website at



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