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June 5th, 2009 by Sharon Larsen

We’re excited to feature Mike Faherty of ProSales Connection today on Buzz Your Business.



ProSales Connection, LLC, is the small and medium business market’s on-demand sales force. We provide businesses all over the country with professional, inside sales as a service. 



For me, life at the Mega Corporation where I built and led top performing inside sales organizations was exciting but not fulfilling. It frustrated me that no matter how successful my organization was, I would never “move the needle” in terms of earnings. I wanted a richer work-life experience, so with $3,000 I launched ProSales Connection, LLC to help small and medium sized businesses grow. 


Large corporations have been augmenting their sales force with contracted sales teams for years. I would know, over my career I have implemented outsourced inside sales programs on 3 separate occasions. This proven sales model works even better for emerging enterprise companies who need to get the most from their sales teams without adding headcount. In today’s market that resonates with business owners!



A question I always ask business leaders is, “How long does it take your sales people to uncover a qualified lead?” Chances are, if all they worked was warm, qualified leads it would have a huge positive impact on the business. Our clients leverage our experience and expertise at ProSales Connection to generate these leads for them, keeping their sales force in front of prospects and customers.  Many of our clients are founder run businesses that have networked their way to success, but are finding it increasingly difficult to make their revenue targets. They know they need to build a sales force, but don’t know how. For these clients we deliver a complete turn-key sales organization with systems, processes and management designed specifically for their business. So in just weeks they can go from Zero to 60! It is a very successful model… Focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses! 


The Bootstrap Business Blog section that is pinned to the wall at my desk is titled, Don’t Destroy What You Want to Create. This section reminds me that I started ProSales Connection, LLC for several reasons and only one is financial. We take time to celebrate our success and stop to learn from our mistakes, and we never lose sight of the prize. Freedom! 


At ProSales Connection, LLC, we approach business everyday with the heart of a teacher and we are vested in our client’s success. I am finally able to “move the needle” the way I knew I could.  If your business could use an outsourced inside sales program or just warm, qualified leads for your existing sales team, please contact me at:


Mike Faherty


Follow me on Twitter @ProSales_Mike




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