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July 10th, 2009 by Sharon Larsen

Todaya??s Buzz Your Business features Appible, a company that works in multi-platform mobile applications.


A?Appible’s disruptive thinking is the product of their diverse backgrounds and experiences thinking outside industry norms; having worked in construction management, contract management, accounting, IT, graphic design, programming, and law.

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After trying their hands at iPhone app development and direct distribution, Appible came to recognize barriers to entering the industry: app development is laborious, slow and expensive. Working in an emerging market made it difficult to find qualified developers while keeping costs reasonable. Appible saw a unique opportunity to cure these pains, not only for themselves, but for businesses and individuals who had run into the same barriers of entry.

Now Appible has an order amoxicillin online. exciting product which has given them a unique advantage over their competition: multi-platform applications. Using the Appible engine gives clients the opportunity to publish mobile applications to the iPhone App Store and Google Android Marketplace, as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. Appible is currently developing the frameworks which will allow their apps to be distributed through the BlackBerry App World and Palm WebOS App Catalog.

Appible Partners

Appible’s platform allows anyone to manage their apps in one central location. Retailers can manage their catalog, promotional codes, discounts prices and branding. Musicians can upload album art, MP3 samples, YouTube videos or concert dates. Real estate agents can custom brand games and utilities to keep their name in the minds of potential clients.

The apps powered by Appible can tie in to many of today’s popular online services such as Twitter, Facebook,, Google Checkout, digg, flickr, and many more. The catalog of available services is constantly expanding. This allows app owners to simply aggregate the content they have already invested time and money in producing.

One principle from Bootstrap Business that has been important for Appible is “climb high, sleep low.” Staying in a position to make mistakes without killing the business has been critical to getting Appible to the point they are today.

To learn more about Appible contact them at:

Phone: 208.650.4088



Twitter: @appible

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