Bagel Bets

December 30th, 2008 by admin

Happy holidays! Thanks to everyone whoa??s voted on a title for the book. Wea??ve had an overwhelming response and are excited to post the results and official title soon! In the meantime, please feel free to continue to vote. As we finish out 2008, Ia??ll wrap up Rich and Rona??s story to-date then start blogging sections from the book the first week in January.

Looking back over even the past few months, I cana??t believe how far wea??ve come a?? in the business and with the book. We already have five New York Times best-selling authors endorsing the book and word of what we are doing is spreading. CastleWave is continuing to grow and increase momentum as well.

After the merger with the New York office that officially changed the company name to CastleWave, everybody kept working hard to keep the customers happy. One fun example of this – once, one large client challenged Rich: a??I bet you one bagel you cana??t get these words for $.35a?? (referring to search engine optimization keywords). Rich proceeded to not only get the words, but earn first $100 then all the way up to $15,000 revenue/day for that client. Leta??s hope that was one tasty bagel!

Such attention to clients is part of the principle of acting big and behaving small. You want to show that you are established, secure, and stable so that your customers trust you, but at the same time maintain a personal connection with customers and awareness of their needs that earns their repeated business. The rewards for doing business like that will be a lot greater than just one bagel!

Starting next week wea??ll kick of blogging the sections of the book , so stay tuned for that!

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